Articles in preparation

Cooper, Zosia, Amy Binder, and Jeffrey Kidder. “Philosophers of the market: How libertarian organizations wage the ‘battle of ideas.’” (Preparing for submission)

Binder, Amy, Zosia Cooper, and Jeffrey Kidder. “Why do classical liberals love PPEs, and why do progressives care?.” (Preparing for submission)

Kidder, Jeffrey, Zosia Cooper, and Amy Binder. “The ‘dirty work’ of political labeling in academia.” (Preparing for submission)

Cooper, Zosia (sole author). “How the state sees data privacy: Examining policymakers’ privacy discourse, 1974-present.” (Preparing for submission)

Book chapters

Binder, Amy, Jeffrey Kidder, and Zosia Sztykowski. 2023. The Conservative Channel: Pulled Outside from the Right. In Amy Binder and Jeffrey Kidder (main authors), The Channels of Student Activism: How the Left and Right are Winning (and Losing) in Campus Politics Today. University of Chicago Press.